Cryptocurrencies || A Tool To Break The Financial Enslavement System

Cryptography is a revolutionary technology that has the ability to improve the lives of people with access to it. A cryptocurrency is a powerful tool for economic, social, and political change that aims to deliver power back to individuals in a way never before seen. With decentralized financial systems, there is no one to censor and prevent transactions or financial activities. We live in exciting times and I honestly believe that everyone should have access to the new era of finance. But before diving in, I would recommend this video, although it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, it shows a bit about how the financial game is set.

As we can see in the video (this implemented system drives me mad) the ones that can face difficulties are the majority of the world population, the working force. And if we want to get out of the bad credit loop, or start investing, it might be almost impossible if we don’t cut costs and even lower our financial life standards. At the end of the day with all the gymnastics to save, we have no energy to study finances and break the enslavement system. That’s the reason why I started to pay attention to cryptocurrencies. I had no money or knowledge to invest, and I saw a big potential in cryptos.

Cryptos came to stay and everything indicates that these goods will, over time, increase in value. Although the cryptocurrencies market is facing a challenging phase the interest in these digital assets has been increasing and, accompanying this superior interest, every day more cryptos are created. But with no money to invest and observing the high volatility of this new technology, depending on mass adoption, and with many technical matters that scares most people (Cryptocurrencies and all its ecosystems can be complex in the beginning), I started to hang out on faucet sites, creating my crypto portfolio for free, as I learned more about blockchain technology.

Regardless of the Cryptocurrency market scenario, in terms of activity or price, Faucet sites are a great way to invest in cryptos without incurring any risk. They are the most immediate, and risk-free way to acquire Bitcoins and Altcoins for free. Faucets are sites that within a certain time frame, usually a few minutes, dispense a small amount of Bitcoins (also known as Satoshis) or other altcoins, free of charge. These types of sites are extremely popular, and in turn, generate money through advertising.

At the present moment and with the help of faucets, my portfolio is expanding, and my assets obtained through faucets, are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Monero, NEO, IOTA, Stellar, Cardano, Ripple, and Doge. With faucets, they are assets and not a liability, because I didn’t invest fiat money!

Recommended Faucets

Here are some faucets I personally use and that give me a stable passive income every week:


Digital micro wallet designed to collect and combine payments and earnings from several different faucets. Sign up to CoinPot and Moon Faucets with the same email. All payments are made instantly and directly into your CoinPot account. This includes coins collected on faucets, referral commission, Bonus, and Offer Wall earnings, and mining. Currently, CoinPot supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin and Litecoin. I can say this is my favorite faucet ever.

Update: Coinpot has now a brand new Challenges system offering generous rewards and big prizes. The system works by gifting users with CoinPot tokens for completing a wide variety of daily, weekly, and all-time tasks for which you earn stars.

Main Account: CoinPot

CoinPot is currently linked to seven free bitcoin faucets:

Moon Bitcoin (paid instantly to your CoinPot account)

Bitfun (paid instantly to your CoinPot account)

Bonus Bitcoin (paid instantly to your CoinPot account)

Moon Bitcoin Cash (paid instantly to your CoinPot account)

Moon Litecoin (paid instantly to your CoinPot account)

Moon Dash (paid instantly to your CoinPot account)

Moon Dogecoin (paid instantly to your CoinPot account)


Micropayment Platform that collects your claimed Bitcoin |Altcoin, from thousands of faucet sites.

Main Account:

⇢ LuckyBits (This is probably the best faucet, multiple coins, high claim rates, and my favorite after Coinpot. I use it for TRX and LTC)







CoinMonster (Stellar | TETHER | Pundix | 0x)

Xcolander (LTC | Tron | Stellar | BTG | BCD | XRP | ZEC | UNIT)


This is a faucet that I don’t enjoy much but is the only that gives me some specific cryptos. The reason I don’t enjoy it its because it has 2 pop up annoying windows, and we have to claim at least once a month if we don’t want to lose everything. I use it for NEO, ETH, Zcash, and Monero.

Ethereum|Ethereum Classic| Litecoin| Dash

Ripple| Blackcoin| Zcash| NEO

Stellar| Digibyte| Lisk

Monero| Reddcoin| Decred







CoinFaucet (XRP)

When choosing a faucet please consider:

The claim amount – How many Satoshis do you collect per claim?
The time between claims (Timer) – How long do you have to wait between claims?
Minimum withdraw – What is the minimum amount you can withdraw and transfer to your wallet?
Withdrawal method – Are payments made directly or through a portfolio of micropayments?
The Referral fee – What is the rate (%) you receive for referring new users to the faucet?

So, let me know about you! Are you into Cryptocurrencies or still thinking about it?

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